CHI Cylinder Head Innovations

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1. Jon Kaase Video testimonial. 
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2. Dave Magilton (Magilton Racing)
I run Australia’s only Ford powered Sprint car, which started as an all cast iron Ford Cleveland.
Finally my old 1969 4V cast iron heads called it a day & so I switched to the alloy CHI 3V heads. Part of my reasoning behind my decision to go with the 3V CHI heads was because they took all the valve train & manifold components which had so much money invested in them. The other advantage for me was the huge weight saving over the cast iron heads.
On the dyno the improvement was obvious especially the ignition timing which proved that the 3V heads had a much better combustion chamber. It did however show up the fact that the fuel injection was too small which hurt the top end results.
The motor ran 18 shows last season with the 3V CHI heads performing faultlessly, gaining much interest & respect.
Magilton RacingThis forth coming season an all alloy bottom end & a larger injection will sandwich the 3V CHI heads & I eagerly look forward to running the package.
I have been very happy with the 3V CHI heads & recommend them to anyone who wants improved performance.
See you at the track…….
Dave Magilton,
The Ford Guy
Magilton Racing
Victoria 26
Sprint cars.

3. Bill Kaglatzis C/O BK Engines. Ph: (0400 351 400)
Hi John
Here it is all 758hp and 580 ft/lb with 3V heads
Magilton RacingJust emailing you a pic on that engine, engine details are as listed below dyno sheets will be on your fax in the morning.
engine combo: 400 cube, dart block, eagle 4340 crank, cp pistons with 14.6:1 comp, BK custom grind cam with .700 lift & 270@.050, Weiand tunnel ram convert to suit Enderlie bird catcher, Peterson wet-vac oil pump with belt driven dizzy & belt driven Enderlie 80a fuel pump.
Thanks again for suppling me with the most versatile SB Ford cylinder head
Bill Kaglatzis
BK Race Engine & Developments

4. Scott Johnston Engine Masters 2004 Entrant
Wanted to send off a note to express my satisfaction with your product and service regarding our Engine Masters 2004 entry.
Without a doubt the 3V castings are the best engineered cylinder head bar none. Finish was excellent as was your service after purchase. I would highly recommend your product line to all who ask. It is quite obvious to me that you did your research in developing your products.
Our peak output with a 408 Cleveland was a tic off of 660 HP for a very easy to duplicate build.
I have attached a few pics of my chamber mods that allowed a 12.5 to 1 C/R with no hint of detonation. Many of the other combos experienced hard detonation with less C/R.
Many thanxxx…


5. Dave McLain .Team 335 entry 2004 Engine Masters Competition
I just thought I would send you a quick e-mail to tell you that I’m very pleased with your product. The CHI headed Cleveland that I built for this year’s Engine Masters’ Challenge is ready to go into the crate for the trip to New York. Your cylinder heads have worked out extremely well. The heads and intake fit very nicely and they have produced outstanding horsepower.
The engine seems to not need very much ignition timing advance and after last night’s testing seems to run just fine even on cheap gas as is mandated by this contest.
You guys have done a great job on these cylinder heads, any plans of doing a big block version in the future?
Many thanks for the help and advice you gave to us earlier on in this program. Having the cylinder heads and intake working right has made my portion of the build-up a whole bunch easier.

Dave McLain
Team 335

6. Howard Johansen
Thank you for your time and helpful knowledge! You will be highly recommended by me. As people ask about my motor at car shows and cruise nights I will be proud to tell them what a great service and product you offer.
Thanks again
Howard Johansen

7. Bruce Wilcox
Hi John,
Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know I completed the head swap, and what a difference! I couldn’t be happier. I did have the ports matched as I wanted everything to be as right as possible. The motor really pulls now from 3500 to 6000 RPM.
Thanks again for providing such a great product at a reasonable price!


8. Chris Cherico
I have run the CHI Heads and Intake for about two months now. First, thanks for the outstanding product. Seldom does a performance part exceed my expectations, however the CHI products exceed in every way.
Having extensive experience with several versions of small block Ford heads and intakes I easily rate the CHI 3V Cleveland set up at the top of the pack. On my “street/strip” 1972 Mustang idle vacuome increased from 10 inches to 15 inches, carb signal increased dramatically allowing me to lean out the jetting 4 sizes, and can run compression of 11:1 on 93 octane fuel with no detonation with a healthy cam.
Machine work is suburb and all factory brackets, and headers went together like a breeze. Power is excellent even at 3,000 RPM’s. At 7,500 RPM’s my Cleveland was screaming for more but I chickened out and let off the throttle!!! The car is a dream to drive on the street and off idle performance is smooth and predictable. My one recommendation is when can I expect a CHI Cleveland aluminium block???
Thanks for a great product,

Chris Cherico Erie, Pennsylvania USA

9. Chris Malandris
692hp & 577ft pound all on pump gas. We have run 9.58@143mph, with more to come. And I believe its all in the cylinder heads and manifold. It makes power and strong torque all the way through the rpm.
I had used your competitor’s cylinder heads, and was greatly disappointed. Never again will I allow a customer supply any other brand of cylinder head, other than the CHI 3V for my Ford engines. Nothing else comes close for the price.
Great job and I’m one very happy customer.
Chris Malandris
JB RACE ENGINES P/L 02 9897 1720