CHI Cylinder Head Innovations

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CHI has joined the world of social media! We’ve just launched our new Facebook page where we will be sharing all the latest news and updates over at CHI headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. We will also be sharing information through our Google+ page so make sure you join our circle! Our Pinterest page has all the latest photos and images for your viewing pleasure. Also coming soon is our YouTube channel where we’ll be giving you an insight into the production of our products and sharing some of our Dyno testing straight from the engine building lab.

Our goal with our social media pages is to connect with our fans, share interesting information about motorsport and automotive engineering with our fans. We also hope to give a little insight into how we create our award winning products and the strenuous lengths we take to make sure you get the best product possible.

We welcome any questions you may have about our business, our products or anything automotive. Our social media pages are here for you to connect with us and show you exclusive insights into our business.

If you have any questions for CHI join us on one of our social media pages and start posting! We look forward to seeing you online.