CHI Cylinder Head Innovations

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From the 7.61 second twin turbo Cortina of Robert Campisi to Ben Gatt’s 7.05 second blown Cleveland Door Slammer, Australia’s fastest Clevelands are turning to CHI for that extra performance, proving once again that CHI heads are the preferred choice for making serious horsepower.

BK Turbo Cortina

“Robert Campisi has a run a best of 7.61 178.9mph and has turned to CHI to keep those numbers tumbling.”

Ben Gatt's 358ci XA Ford

“Ben Gatt’s 358ci XA Ford has stopped the ¼ mile timers with a best of 7.05 sec at 191mph. After 15 years of running SVO A3 heads, Ben turned to CHI to help develop a new cylinder head to sit beneath his 871 blower, in a new push to break into the 6 second zone!. Ben wants to be the first person to run in the 6 second zone with Australian made Cleveland style heads.”