TEK001-9.2C stage 1 top end kit Cleveland 9.2″


Entry level kit for high torque well mannered engines that need strong low down and mid range power. Plenty of hood clearance.

Power levels usually around 400hp+ on 351ci, 470hp+ on 393ci and 495hp+ on 408ci, 1600-5500rpm operating range.

Cylinder heads: CHI 2V190 C3 assembly with 60cc or 67cc chambers.

(we can calculate comp ratio for you if you can provide bottom end specs, deck height piston dish etc)

Manifold: Edelbrock air gap duel plane 2V

Camshaft: Hydraulic roller 229 / 233 @ .050″ .598″ & .596″ valve lift, ground on 108 lobe centres.

Lifters: Hydraulic roller “tie bar” retro fit.

Rockers: Yella Terra billet YT 5006 or Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum stud mount roller rockers 1.73:1 ratio.

Pushrods: .110″ wall thickness 5/16″ diameter Crow Cams chromoly racing pushrods, two lengths inlet 8.00″ exhaust 7.90″.

Guide Plates: 5/16″ hardened steel.

Rocker studs: ARP screw in studs 7/16″

Head Bolts: ARP single hex head bolts.

Head Gaskets: Felpro 1013 performance head gaskets.

Manifold Gaskets: Felpro 1240 performance intake set.

comp pro magnum rockers  roller lifters     airgap manifold  4V Ford Cylinder Head

Weight 51 kg