Best Burnout Compilation


This should brighten your day. Check out some of the best burnouts caught on film! You can almost smell the rubber through the screen!

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Burnout Session Disrupted by Engine Explosion

Engine Explosion

Check out Mike Roycroft destroy the engine of his blown Valiant.

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Street Jeeps walking on water

Street Jeep on Water

VIDEO: To get a bit of dirt racing into your life, check out the video below! These Street jeeps coming flying across the dirt and try to glide their way over the lake.

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Historic Funny Car crash at Calder Park

Funny Car Crash Calder Park

VIDEO: This is quite an old video but still a very memorable moment in Australian drag racing history. This video shows the spectacular crash between drivers Darren Carter & Keith Agius at Calder Park in Melbourne, Australia. Both drivers walked

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Smallest working V12 engine in the world!

World's smallest V12 engine

VIDEO: If you’ve ever wondered just how small you can make a V12 engine, then check out this video! This is a beautifully hand-crafted miniature V12 engine that is fully operational.

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10 second Fiat 500 will leave you speechless

Fiat 500

Can you believe this tiny little Fiat 500 can run 10-Sec on 1/4 Mile? Check this video and you will find out!

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This car will run for 100 years on 8 grams of fuel!

Thorium Powered Car

VIDEO: A company called ‘Laser Power Systems’ have developed a new car that runs on Thorium. This is a safe material that is abundant on earth. The Thorium generates a mass amount of heat which in this engines case, turns

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Introducing the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat!

2015 Dodge Challenger

Dodge have released the new Challenger SRT Hellcat! This car is seriously impressive, blowing all previous models out of the water! Here are some of the stats: 707 HP Supercharged V8 1/4 mile in 11.2secs See the rest on ‘World’s

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Camaro on Dyno goes horribly wrong

Camaro Video Feature Image

VIDEO: This video shows a Camaro, built by ‘Late Model Racecraft’ being tested on the dyno. Everything runs smooth for a while then it all goes horribly wrong! Check out the video below!

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CHI $1000 Sweepstakes Competition

CHI $1000 Sweepstakes Competition

To celebrate our reaching 1000 fans on Facebook, we’re holding a sweepstakes competition. The prize; a $1000 (AUD) voucher to be spent on any CHI product. To be in the running you must enter through our Facebook Competition page, enter

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