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Cylinder Head Innovations or “C.H.I.” is a family owned business run by father and son team Neville and Scott March.

Since 1972 Neville has specialized in cylinder heads and performance engine building under the names “Head Craft”, and “Pro Heads”, both very successful cylinder head porting and engine building shops with a reputation for quality work, and a long list of loyal regular customers. In 2009 Neville and Scott purchased the company CHI and the 3V brand. Building on a great concept of cylinder head design and manufacture, they have built CHI up to a position of supplying specialized heads and manifolds to almost every form of professional V8 racing. This includes Circuit racing, Drag racing, Speedway and Burnout cars. Neville and Scott both bring extensive motor racing experience having campaigned together since Scott was young. Starting in Go Carts, then Formula Ford, and later Konica series V8 supercar and Australian Nascar series. racing shots 001    racing shots 002 As an engineer specializing in fluid dynamics, Scott heads up the engineering and design team but is not too proud to collaborate with cylinder head, manifold and engine performance experts around the word. People like Jon Kaase, Dave Storlien, Phil Martin, Leon Withnell and Andrew Kostecki have all had design input on various CHI products. These collaborations have led to several years dominance of the U S Engine Masters competition, and the preferred choice for engine builders around the world. CHI Engine Masters CAM00771    pro series 003 With two five axis CNC machining centres, two four axis CNC machining centres, two Serdi valve seat machines, a Faro arm CMM digitizer, Super flow SF-600 flow bench and DTS4000G engine dyno in a controlled environment cell. Various other engine and cylinder head reconditioning equipment, most processes are done “in house” maximizing control of product quality and performance. machines 001    machines 004    machines 006 machines 005 All CHI heads are Australian made and manufactured in house. Castings are sourced locally, assembly items like springs and retainers from the USA and valves from Argentina. There are no Chinese or Indian products in CHI heads, we use only the best components available.  

15deg heads 005

CHI Facilities

Here at CHI we carry out all R&D In-house with our DTS Engine Dynamometer Cell, which we have independently audited for room quality and repeatability, Superflow SF-600 flow bench with Flowcom software. And our own in house 5-axis machining for unparalleled quality control. On top of this we also have Faro 7-axis CMM, inhouse CAD modelling,  FEA (finite element analysis) and CFD (Compuational Fluid Dynamics) capabilities all to ensure our products remain at the cutting edge of technology and quality.

5 Times Engine Masters Champions

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