At CHI we have been working with Australia’s leading performance automotive aluminum foundry to bring to you, the consumer the best cast cylinder heads and manifolds on the market today.

Careful consideration has been given to every part of the casting process, to keep the cast finish on our cylinder heads and manifolds uniform and as smooth in texture as humanly possible.

All our cylinder heads come fitted with premium quality manganese bronze valve guides that are reamed first and then diamond honed to size. All our cylinder heads also come fitted with high nickel chrome cast iron inserts, are finish machined, and every batch is checked for valve seat concentricity, an often forgotten measurement in most high production environments.


The Engine Masters Competition has been the perfect platform for the development of quality Street & Strip combinations and parts for the serious engine builder and or street car enthusiast.

Working closely with some of the worlds finest engine builders has enabled us to design and manufacture manifolds that have the best horsepower and torque curves on the market today.

This has been achieved through countless hours of testing and modifying a variety of different manifolds, which has helped us come up with a formula for optimising cross sectional area – velocity, and fuel atomisation characteristics.


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